Stowe Arabians  

Breeders of Al-Marah/Crabbet-bred Arabians         

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Our Broodmares

One of our finest foundation mares is AM Dynamic Dome (AM Double Dream x AM Gypsy Domaine).  This mare has the beautiful Dreamazon blood mixed with a cross from Australia, with the Bremervale lines, and to the tail female lines of the fabulous *Ranix and AM Sea Captain.

DD  produces the most beautiful and athletic foals emphasizing our goals.

AM Daphne Ho (AM Fond Friar x Al Marah Honeymoon) with her 2008 Al-Marah Horatio filly, SAS Arielle who was sold to Trickle Creek Ranch as a weanling.

Heavy in the blood of Indraff and Raffles, Daphne's sire is AM Count Pine (*Count Dorsaz) and her tail female line takes us back to Rapture and Milanne.  

A consistent producer of strong-bodied, top quality foals.

SAS Loves Lullaby (AM Michael Love x AM Daphne Ho)

Lilly is proof that our breeding program is following the course we set out on a few years ago.  She is our first filly by AM Michael Love and has had her first foal, a phenominal colt by quarter horse reiner, Shiner Dun It, by her side.  Lilly has great substance, correctness, and a wonderful brain and she will continue in our breeding program as one of our top producers!  She is currently in foal to quarter horse reiner Commander Plan and we are looking forward to see what she produces!

Realizing that good breeding starts with good broodmares, we have sought mares based upon their geneotype along with phenotype. 

We are careful to stay true to ourselves and the attributes of what we like in the Arabian breed and our interpretation of the breed standards.

Feet.  Without wheels you have no car, without good feet you have no horse. 

Bone.  Bazy Tankersley has said 'you don't put a piano on spindly legs and expect it to stand'.  Structural correctness is important for the overall athleticism of the horse.  We don't breed for height, just good bone.

Disposition.  The Arabian horse was bred in the desert and used as a war horse.  They endured tough battles and tough conditions. They were loved by the bedouins and often lived in the tents with their masters.  That loving disposition is what we breed for. 

Quality.  The horse must be useable and performance worthy, otherwise, why breed?  Good quality equals excellent performance, smart, and easily trainable horses.

Beauty.  The Arabian's beauty is bar none the finest, and we love to breed beautiful horses.

With the above, we continue to breed for our ideal horse.  The excellent quality of broodmares we have are a major part in attaining our goals.

As small breeders, our eyes are on the future of the Arabian breed while we continue to  preserve the bloodlines of their heritage.

We are currently offering some select broodmares For Sale!!  Please contact us to inquire.

AM Happy Heyday (Al-Marah Garcon x AM Dream Playmate) with her 2008 colt, SAS James Frederick by AM Michael Love.

Happy has a dream pedigree of *Ranix and Tsatyr to Ferzon and Raffles.

She is a consistent producer of athletic, gorgeous looking, and incredibly moving foals.


SAS Wilma Marguerite (AM Michael Love x AM Happy Heyday)

Maggie is just another example that our breeding program is following course.  She is an exceptional mare who has done well in the show pen in SHIH, Reining, and SHUS.  We are looking forward to what she can produce when bred to SAS Sea N Red!

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